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Teaching Ministry

I believe that God has given me the gift of teaching. I am praying that the Lord will restore my joy to study and teach.

June 20, 2022


I need instant immediate prayer against this church that pratice witchcraft and

I need instant immediate prayer against this church that pratice witchcraft and constantly keep threatening my life and says god is going to kill you if i leave. Its full of abuse and mistreatment The pastor and members are always against me and try to keep me stuck in this occult.

June 18, 2022


Healing for Miss Donna’s left eye.

June 15, 2022


Mike Komin

Praying for full surrender to the Lord to help him fight his past and his alcohol consumption

June 15, 2022


Melanie Norton


June 15, 2022


Salvation for Family

Pray for Hardcastle family - Father: Ken, religious but rejects Jesus, 86 yrs old (pray for his girlfriend Becky who also rejects Jesus) - Son: Caleb: Apostate, either repent or be saved if never was, - Sons: David, Nathan and Peyton to seek the Lord and grow in maturity

June 15, 2022


Moved to Columbia, Tennessee to be with grandkids. I need prayer for a job and i

need to know if there is a group of influencers in my town. I used to attend the Irvine group. Greg Bright is still a good brother in the Lord.

June 15, 2022


Sentimental Memories on Mini DV Tapes.

Good morning, Church. I would like for the Church to please pray that the Lord gives me a sign on where exactly my stolen Mini DV Tapes collections is at so I can go rescue them. Thank you in advance.

May 24, 2022



Holly is the lovelly wife of our brother Mynor Jones, she is battling a bad infection in a hospital in Dallas, Tx.

May 13, 2022



I ask that you pray for him to find the Lord

April 27, 2022

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