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For a Fellow Influencer

For my ankle, foot, heel, shin, Achilles, surgery I had 2 weeks ago…for it to be healed quickly, no need for pain meds, and that it was correctly done…

That my AFib heart issue that happened this week would be healed, corrected by medication by Sunday, so I don’t have to go to ER on Monday to be shocked back into rhythm…

And that my son is healed from his mental health issues…

That my wife and our marriage would be healed…

And that our son and daughters would be given Wisdom Discernment and protection…and Godly friends would come into their lives…

November 9, 2021


Susan Edmondson

Susan is a women Influencer. A drunk driver collided with Susan’s car last night. She is in critical condition in our area trauma unit. Prayers much needed.

October 29, 2021



Holy Father please remove these seizures from this boy. In Jesus Holy, precious, and powerful name Amen.

October 16, 2021


Landon Warren and son Jeremy, Tulsa OK

Please Lord God, Almighty and Great Physician for us all on this earth, have mercy and help us all to pray for Landon and his son for hospital doctors, nurses and support medical staffers to calm them both and reflect to your great and healing ways in many of us, but especially today.

October 16, 2021


Landon Warren

Jeremy Warren, our Area Director in Tulsa, has a son, Landon, with special needs since birth.  He just turned 12.  He's had "Petit Mal" seizures for years, but they have been getting stronger and more significant this past week.  He just had a "Grand Mal" seizure that lasted 9 minutes.  He's in an ambulance heading to the hospital.

October 16, 2021


Beau Bennett

45 year old, married father of two, who had a stroke with a massive brain bleed, not responding to stimulus and report from medical team not good

October 7, 2021


Juan Pablo

39 years old father in urgent need of Kidney transplant

October 7, 2021


Maxi and Tim

UPDATE 10-15-21

Tim is improving and they feel he may be released in the next couple of weeks.  They are also hoping to ween Maxie off the ventilator.  Keep Praying.


Praying for God’s healing for Tim and Maxi. Praying it is God’s Will to be done. Praying God gives His wisdom and strength to the doctors and the nurses so that through Him that Tim and Maxi will be strengthened

October 7, 2021


Pray for Arkansas Cummins Corections Facility that Journey Groups continue

October 7, 2021


My health

I want prayer for my health

October 6, 2021

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